dedolight architectural and display – DLAD

dedolight precision lighting instruments have supplied professional lighting equipment to the film and broadcast industry for over a quarter of a century. Recognising their superior quality, museums began to adapt dedolight equipment for their own specialised use. Seeing this, Dedo Weigert Film (DWF) responded by creating a dedicated range of lights for exhibition and heritage use, the DLAD classic. A new series of dedolight architectural lighting system was introduced 2010, called DLAD II, and in 2014 the DLADL was added to the portfolio.

The design of this new series incorporates three dedicated optical functions in one look, offering several light sources to suit a wide variety of environments. Fourteen lighting solutions offer flexibility while maintaining a discreet, uniform appearance.


DLAD II was designed with a very effective heat management/reduction system whilst minimising unwanted light spill.


The DLAD II family consist of three new lights:

  • Spotlights Symmetric Focusing
  • Spotlights Asymmetric Focusing
  • Projection Lights



Definable Accents


A simple light beam with no accessories.

Defined, but not controlled.



Standard barndoor. Offers limited control when lighting from an acute angle. The vertical shadow runs trapezoidally and cannot be limited to the edge of illuminated work.



Patented articulated 12-leaf barndoor system. Infinitely variable control provides accurate form regardless of the position of the light relative to the object.



Projection attachment/ imager. This attachment provides a higher level of control, allowing variable framing from razor sharp edges to soft and gradual edges.



In addition to the DP2, DPEYE filters subtly soften the edges, for example when illuminating dark paintings with broad gold frames.